Expert Carpet Cleaning in Orlando, FL

Carpet cleaning is a task that must be done precisely and properly, while always considering the type of material your residential or commercial rug is made of. This is because there a number of cleaning methods used in professional carpet cleaning wherein each procedure will work best on a specific type of material, as well as the cleaning requirement of a client. This why it’s vital that before hiring an expert technician, you must know first the various methods used in carpet care, plus understand how they work, so you’ll figure out which of the cleaning techniques will truly give your rug the best cleaning that will not cause any harm to its fabric or dye material.

The Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Procedures

The following are the commonly used carpet cleaning methods:

  • Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, also referred to as ‘hot water extraction, ‘process, is arguably the highly favored method used by many professional cleaners nowadays. The reason for this is because this procedure is proven to be really successful when it comes to removing both surface soiling and deep-seated contaminants. Furthermore, steam cleaning is effective in getting rid of stubborn stains and odor-causing bacteria.

This method works by applying a mild solution in the carpeting to gently lift and remove dirt or grime both in the surface and underneath the fibers. The solution will then be rinsed off along with the eliminated germs and bacteria using hot water and a high-powered vacuum or cleaning equipment. Since safe and dilute solutions will be used, no toxic residues will be left behind after the cleaning process is finished.

  • Bonnet Cleaning

This process involves the application of a solution which will soak up the dirt from the carpet, then absorb it into cotton or artificial bonnets that are on a spinning floor machine. One advantage of bonnet cleaning is that it’s fast drying, taking only about 2 hours or less to get completely dry. However, this method may not work well on heavily soiled carpets, specifically those used in commercial establishments.

  • Shampooing

Shampooing is the most traditional and oldest procedure used in carpet care. This technique is simply done by applying a shampoo solution to the rug’s surface, which is then formed into foam. The shampoo solution will be mixed thoroughly with the use of a machine. Dirt and grime stuck on the fibers will be absorbed by the cleaning solution, which is then left to dry before getting vacuumed out together with the soiling that’s been soaked up. Despite being inexpensive and fast drying, carpet shampooing has a high tendency of leaving behind toxic residues that can later on result to more re-soiling issues and even cause damages to the rug’s fibers or material.

  • Dry Cleaning

A dry or semi-moist powder will be sprinkled on the carpeting during a dry cleaning process. After which, a machine with rotating brushes will be used to vacuum the powder. When the entire cleaning procedure is done, the powder is left to dry and then vacuumed up. Just like shampooing, this method gets dried up pretty quick yet it’s not efficient in giving carpets a deep clean, plus the powder solution are often not removed fully resulting to chemical residues being left on the fibers. Many professional cleaners seldom use this method and will in fact not recommend it on their customers due to its weak effect.

Choosing the Ideal Cleaning Method for Your Carpet

The type of cleaning method an expert cleaner use will vary according to its effectiveness and compatibility to the carpet’s material or fiber. Although all of the cleaning methods mentioned above will give any rug an amazing cleaning experience, it is still best to consult your local cleaning company to find out which cleaning method will best suit your home or business carpets.