Orlando Professional Carpet Cleaning

Everybody wants to live in a home that is clean, beautiful, smelling fresh and with a healthy vibe, and Carpet Cleaning Orlando wants to help you keep it that way, whether you live in Apopka or Winter Park, FL. If you want to maintain your home’s lovely appearance and tidy condition, you must consider how often you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned since this floor décor acts like a strainer that traps dirt and contaminants on its fibers. Regular vacuuming is not enough to give rugs the thorough clean it requires; hence a proper, deep clean from the experts will be necessary.

How often your carpet needs professional care will actually depend on certain factors. To know how much expert cleaning your home rug needs and to what extent, read the following factors:

The Traffic it Receives

Daily use and abuse of your rugs will actually indicate how much thorough cleaning it requires. The foot traffic a carpet receives on a day to day basis plays a huge factor in knowing when and how often you need the aid of professional cleaners because the more traffic it gets, the more allergens and pollutants will get trap to its fibers. A heavily trafficked carpet will call for daily vacuuming and at least once a year of expert cleaning. If there are many people residing in your home, particularly if you have kids around, twice a year of professional cleaning is recommended.

Having Pets at Home

A majority of Orlando homeowners have pets which can cause some problems on carpets with their urine that leaves behind dirty markings and unpleasant smell. Aside from stubborn stains and foul odors, your beloved dog or cat can also bring contaminants stuck on their fur that will not only make your rug look messy but will also cause negative health effects. If you own pets, it means that your carpet will require more frequent cleaning to eradicate accumulation of pests, dander, fur, as well as remove urine stains and odor.

Family Members with Asthma or Allergies

Aside from surface dirt and grime, carpets also gather different kinds of harmful contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, pollutants and allergens that are normally found underneath the fibers, making them invisible to the human eyes and cannot be simply removed with just regular vacuuming.  Add in the humidity that is common in the Orlando area, this is a recipe for allergy problems. Not being able to get rid of these contaminants can trigger asthma attack and will worsen allergic reactions.

If you are suffering from such illnesses or any of you family member have it, your rug needs to get expert care more often as needed to successfully eliminate build-up of allergens and pollutants. Another tip is to schedule your professional carpet cleaning session at the start of Spring and Fall for they are seasons where most allergy attacks are prevalent.

If one or all of the above conditions is present at your home, then you need to schedule having your carpets and rugs, even your mattress or upholstered furniture receive more constant cleaning from expert technicians for they are capable of giving a proper, deep clean that regular vacuuming cannot do. The suggested professional carpet cleaning session will be at least once every six months.

Orlando Pet Urine Removal

Pets are adorable and cute furry companions that are truly priceless. However when left alone, your beloved dog or cat can urinate into the carpet, on the upholstery padding or down to the wooden floor underneath rugs; hence leaving an awful smell and messy stains that must be removed instantly. Most of the time, these dirty spots and unpleasant odor are so hard to remove that the help of professional cleaners will be necessary to bring back the wonder condition of your carpets, rugs or upholstery.

A carpet soaked with a pet’s urine will not only appear dirty but will actually turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful particles that can break down the urine and then form amino acids, a decomposition process that result to pungent odor. Since bacteria are present in your dog’s liquid waste, the quality of indoor air in your home is also tainted.

Professional Pet Stain Removal in Orlando, FL

Stain due to the urine of your pet is a type of mark that often turns permanent if not eliminated right away. Moreover, urine’s acids and fluids can drastically change the way a rug’s fibers look and how they react to cleaning solutions; therefore making them really tough to remove.

Once the urine stain and odor have lingered on the carpet for a period of time already, any blotting attempt or use of over-the-counter chemicals will be of no effect. Instead, call the help of professional cleaners to resolve this problem quickly and effectively.

Expert carpet technicians are skilled and trained in the removal of stubborn stains, as well as unpleasant odor caused by pet urine. Our professional Orlando cleaners are equipped with the necessary tools, cleaning chemicals and deodorizers that will successfully wipe away any untidy marks and horrible smell on your carpeting left by your dog or cat.

Don’t sacrifice the beauty and cleanliness of your precious rug with your pet’s urine. Also, you don’t have to stress yourself thinking about how to remove the ugly stains and awful smell your puppy or kitten have left on your upholstery because there are many reliable cleaning companies nowadays that offer pet urine removal service that will surely make your carpet look spotless clean, smell fresher and restore its almost new condition.

Orlando Steam Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Orlando, FL

Carpets are one of the most used floor covering that offers that will add aesthetic appeal and protection to any home or business. If you want your rug to maintain its wonderful appearance and lasts for a much longer period of time, then consider giving it a professional steam cleaning. This cleaning method, also known as ‘hot water’ extraction process, offers a lot of benefits and will really help carpet keep their great condition and longevity for its capable of removing not only surface soiling but also successfully eradicate harmful contaminants.

The main advantage of opting for a steam cleaning rather than a regular vacuuming is that it can penetrate deep down the fibers where most pollutants and allergens are often found. Failure to remove the accumulation of dust, pet dander and other contaminants on your rugs will bring negative health effects, particularly breathing issues as they pollute indoor air. These contaminant are normally invisible to the human eyes that’s why using a vacuum cleaner to remove them will not work, only a powerful, truck-mount steam cleaning machine from the experts will do.

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Carpet spills and dirt that are left unattended overtime will turn to stubborn stains that are so difficult to remove using only at-home cleaning solutions. Hot water extraction is capable of eliminating old or new stains without causing any damage to the carpet’s material or dye. In addition, awful smell from your pet’s urine will also be eradicated with a steam clean. You will surely get to enjoy a spotless clean and smelling fresh carpet.

Another great benefit of steam cleaning is that it helps prolong the life of rugs. You no longer need to spend tons of cash buying a new one for your home or business but instead just bring your messy carpet to a professional cleaning company and let them take care of it with their steam clean service. Your rugs will surely get a proper, thorough cleaning that will make them look good as new.

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Treating your carpet to a professional steam clean once or twice every year will allow it to experience the wonderful benefits of this cleaning procedure which includes the removal of dirt, grime, stains, odor-causing bacteria and contaminants build-up. Steam cleaning is a naturally powerful method that uses safe and environment-friendly solutions; so you are guaranteed that no further damage will be cause on your carpet.