Business Services

Carpet Cleaning Orlando offers business services such as commercial carpet cleaning. We will deliver the best professional carpet care for your business rugs which will help make your office premises looks clean and healthy. All of our business services are done in the finest workmanship with reasonable rates and backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our cleaning technicians are not only skilled and highly trained but are also honest individuals, so you’ll feel at ease knowing that an experienced and trustworthy carpet cleaner will be looking after your commercial properties with care and respect.

When it comes to taking care of business carpets, we prefer to use the steam cleaning method  also called ‘hot water extraction’ process for it’s a naturally powerful procedure that will successfully lifts surface dirt and grime, as well as harmful contaminants underneath that are normally impossible to remove with just regular vacuuming. In addition, steam cleaning is also capable of eradicating stubborn stains and unpleasant odors; thus making your carpets look so much better, smell good and last for a much longer period of time.

Getting our commercial carpet cleaning service will definitely help clean and extend the life of your messy business rugs, saving you from the expensive cost of getting a new one. Furthermore, we also do regular carpets review to check any progress and offer maintenance, if ever there’s a need for it.

While it’s recommended that residential carpets are steam cleaned every 6 to 12 months, commercial carpets must be steam cleaned more often due to the amount of traffic they receive.